Doors Aluminum Doors MB-78EI


MB-78EI Fire-Doors

Great fire and smoke insulation that guarantees high structure durability and resistance.
  1. Good parameters of thermal insulation.
  2. High level of acoustic insulation. 
  3. Fire proof class from EI15 to EI60.
  4. Low heat transmitance coefficient as a result of application i.a. specially profiled thermal separators with 34 mm width.
  5. Durable and solid structure thanks to the stable aluminum profile.
  6. Lots of possibilities to customize the interior and exterior design with great selection of colors. 


Profile Profile

The MB-78EI system structure is based on insulated thermal aluminum profiles with  depth 78mm.

Glass Glass

Standard fireproof glass, and multilayered opaque elements consisting of metal sheets and proper panels which enure the required fire protection.

Fittings Fittings

Fittings that fulfill the fire regulations.

RAL colours

over 200 colours at your disposal

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